ACCOMMODATION AND TRANSPORTATION Ciutat de Sant Cugat” International Tournament "


    The Club Voleibol Sant Cugat can arrange each team accommodation or each team can do by their own.
    The accommodation is scheduled to take place in Sant Cugat hotels:


    Park Sedo Benstar Hotel Group
    Carrer Riu Segre, 27-31,08191 Rubí , Barcelona
    tel. 34 935 88 59 95


    Hotel Sant Pere II Rubí
    C/ Paisos Catalans 13 - 15, 08191, Rubí (Barcelona)
    tel. 34 93 586 09 99

Transportation from the airport:

It can be done by public transport or by the participating team. Those participants who request it will have volunteer available who will pick you up.

Para vuestra información:
Aerobus (Barcelona Airport - Barcelona Centre) Railway - FGC (Barcelona Center - Sant Cugat) Estimated travel time: 60’